Lister for Company

Kelas Korporasi Lister adalah program training, upskilling ataupun reskilling bagi perusahaan maupun instansi yang bertujuan untuk memajukan perusahaan Anda dengan meningkatkan kompetensi kemampuan karyawan.

Kelas Korporasi Lister

Solusi terlengkap, hemat dan berkualitas!

Berikan pelatihan berkualitas dengan instruktur berpengalaman bagi karyawan Anda!

Ingin meningkatan kompetensi karyawan perusahaan Anda? Berikan pelatihan berkualitas dengan instruktur berpengalaman sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan Anda!

Upskill Karyawan Perusahaan Anda!


Kelas Korporasi Lister, Solusi Terbaik Upgrade Skill Karyawan Anda

Upskilling adalah proses mengajarkan keterampilan baru melalui training kepada karyawan perusahaan sehingga Anda dapat mengoptimalkan kinerja mereka. Upskilling merupakan proses professional development bagi karyawan Anda sehingga mereka memiliki peran penting di perusahaan. Karyawan yang telah diberikan pelatihan nantinya akan membawa perusahaan Anda lebih maju di tengah persaingan dan transformasi global yang semakin hari semakin pesat. Oleh karena itu, program upskilling ataupun reskilling adalah metode penting untuk meningkatkan keahlian karyawan demi meraih kesuksesan perusahaan Anda.

Train your Employees with Lister
and Help Them Move Up the Corporate Ladder

Fasilitasi karyawan Anda berbagai program training dari Lister untuk meningkatkan loyalitas, kompetensi dan produktivitas karyawan Anda.

Kenapa Lister?

Beragam Pilihan Program Training

Harga Terjangkau

Kurikulum Internasional

Silabus yang disesuaikan dengan Kebutuhan

Jadwal yang flexible

Instruktur ramah, profesional dan berpengalaman

Pre Test, Post Test, dan Progress Report secara Berkala

Sertifikat Pelatihan

Upskilling adalah Investasi

Meskipun Anda dapat mempekerjakan karyawan baru dengan keterampilan yang sesuai dengan perkembangan zaman, namun Anda akan menghabiskan waktu yang lebih lama dan biaya yang lebih besar untuk proses recruitment daripada jika Anda memberikan training upskill kepada para karyawan Anda saat ini. Berinvestasi pada tenaga kerja yang ada dapat menghemat waktu dan pengeluaran sekaligus.

Program Kelas Korporasi Lister

Lister hadir dengan pilihan program training yang beragam sesuai dengan kebutuhan perusahaan Anda dengan level materi yang bisa disesuaikan dengan kemampuan para karyawan.

Cari Tahu Semua Program Training Berdasarkan Kategori di Bawah Ini!

  • Workshop Data Analytic
  • Workshop Academic Writing (Scopus)
  • Workshop Mastering Fundamental Leadership
  • Workshop Selling Value Through Customer Experience
  • Workshop Sales Team Management
  • Workshop Public Speaking for Business
  • Workshop Social Media Strategy
  • Workshop Data Science

Client Kami

Testimoni Client Kami

Firda Sintia G - Students
Firda Sintia G - StudentsUIN Sunan Kalijaga
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By following Lister's webinar, there was a lot of new information that I got. and by following this webinar, it was like a door licked with a very complicated padlock and was opened easilly and took me into a new world. My questions that were stored for a long time can be answered immediately by joining this webinar. The speaker makes me feel so motivated more and more to reach my dreams. Thank you so much for your knowledge that you've shared.​
Audrie - Civil Staff
Audrie - Civil StaffOJK Maluku
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In this challenging situation, Lister has assisted me and my work colleagues to keep learning English. The flexibility and assitance form experieced tutor have given us the knowledge and skills needed to do our business as usual in English. FYI, previosuly, I have attended IELTS Master Class and the tutor was really helpful to prepare my recent participation in IELTS indicator examination.​
Hisyami - Civil Staff
Hisyami - Civil StaffDirektorat Jendral Anggaran Kemenkeu RI
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Lister has been quite instrumental in our project in preparing our employees before they apply to any scholarships available all year round. It was actually still a pilot project, but Lister slotted it well and fit our needs perfectly. Lister catered our needs in preparing employees for language test program (which was a rock solid success), that were TPA program as well as scholarship preparation (Which is a unique service that hard to come by). Their communication during the project has been very good. They are attentive and willing to listen to any suggestions. Granted, there are rooms for improvements, however, overall we are satisfied with the service given by Lister.

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