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The Lister Method

Lister believes that acquiring a second or foreign language can be effectively achieved through exposure and communication.

What is Lister Method?

The Lister method is a learning model that provides scientific learning and active learning, aiming to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills based on students’ needs. Lister method is based on the constructivist approach. In the constructivist approach, the teacher tries to activate students’ learning by allowing them to explore and construct their knowledge and understanding. Using the constructivist approach, students synthesize new understanding from prior learning and new information.

Constructivist approaches work well with learners of all ages, including adults. Similarly, the lister method can be used with students of all ages and implemented for personalized learning or group learning. This learning model emphasized the cycle of learning, which starts from Learning Engagement, Introducing the Material, Students’ Exploration, Evaluation, and Reflection (LISTER). Each cycle is connected to another, which makes this model continually learning. It is developed to optimize the students’ learning and become autonomous learners. As a result, this model makes the students more active, have meaningful learning, and encourage students to become autonomous learners.