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Being with Lister

Lister believes that your enthusiasm, positive energy, and brilliant knowledge delivered while teaching will bring our students and Indonesia’s education into the global scope.

A good tutor entails an intelligent student. 

Teaching with Lister

Lister is a suitable and fun place for you to teach. We give you a space to show your creativity in teaching, and accommodate you to create new things as you wish. However, we will guide your teaching method by our method: Lister Method

Motives Behind Lister

Being Helpful for Students

Being with Lister means you help students achieving their dreams; whether for pursuing higher education, getting promoted, gaining more relatives, getting better job, and many other good opportunities around them.

Career Opportunity

We need you to be our part-time/full time tutors with good salary as well as valuable experiences in teaching students. You can also expand your relation by meeting other professional tutors  and having discussion with them for the sake of teaching improvements.

Expanding Your Connection

Being with Lister means you will have wider range of connection related to the field of education. This will also benefit you to be more skillfull and having high competence of teaching.


Below are some qualifications to be eligible as Lister Tutors. However, further asessement will also be taken into account.​


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