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LISTER is searching of competitive talents to be our language tutors. Be with us and be contributive to the educational world!

Being with lister

Lister is an education technology (edu-tech) startup company that focuses on providing high-quality and tailored language learning experience to help students achieve their professional dreams. Up to this time, we have been handing more than 50 programs and is still progressing to provide larger scope and coverage. For this reason, we’d like you to be part of Lister Tutors! 

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WorkING with Lister

We provide you a place for teaching to our highly motivated students and being impactful to the world of education. We offer you gold opportunity when you can share your valuable knowledge to those who really strive for it. During your class, we also equip you with tents of Premium Zoom accounts that enable you to deliver more intensive and non-stop lecturing. 


Our vision is to empower everyone to face global competition. Lister strives to help everyone to compete in global competitiveness, for either pursuing higher education or getting a more promising job.

Our mission is to enable better opportunities for everyone by democratizing education through technology by connecting learners to highly qualified language teachers with years of cultural experience abroad.

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being helpful for students

Being with Lister means that you help your students achieveing their dreams; whether it pursuing higher education, getting promoted, gaining more relatives, getting better job, and/or other good opportunities around them.

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career opportunity

We need you to be our part-time/full time tutors with good salary as well as valuable experiences in teaching students. You can also expand your relation by having discussion with other full time tutors and teams in Lister for the sake of the teaching processess' improvements.

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Expanding your NETWORK

Being with Lister means that you will have wider range of connection allied to the field of education. This will also benefit you to be more skillfull and having high competence in teaching.


Below are some qualifications to be eligible as Lister Tutors. However, further asessement will also be taken into account.

Master and/or Bachelor graduates of any related fields

Passionate and experienced in teaching for min.1 year

Able to utilize online learning platform i.e. Zoom and Google Classroom

Capable of teaching one/more course subjects

Courses options:
IELTS, TOEFL iBT/ITP, Speaking, Academic Writing, Journal Writing to Scopus, Scholarship Mentoring, GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEIC, A Level, TPA, English for Specific Purposes, Business English, Academic English, Grammar, English for Adults, English for Kids/Teens, CPNS Class, etc.
The complete list of course subjects can be seen in some tables below.

program for academic and business
program for foreign lang and other services
corporation program
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Planning, preparing, and delivering the highest quality lesson

Identifying students with special requirements as well as organizing and running customized courses

Assesing sudents' progress (task, exam grade, quiz, etc)

Providing feedback based on the students behaviour

Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere

GEt ready to be more contributive!

Need Further Information?

Do not feel hesitate to contact our HR if when you have any questions or need further assistance.

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