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Placement Test

Business English

Hero Image Persiapan Tes GMAT

Welcome to Lister Placement Test

The test will give you an indication of your score and provide feedback on areas to improve.

IMPORTANT : Please Make sure you have a stable internet connection before starting the test.

Good Luck!


You only have 100 minutes (6000 seconds) to complete the test and your answers will be submitted automatically.

The time is up. Thank you for taking Placement Test with Lister

Welcome to Business English Placement Test

Test your Business English Skill

Information to Test takers

There are three parts to the test including Use of English, Reading and Listening.

Each question carries 1 point.

No. of Questions : 55 items
Score Range : 38 - 55
Timing : 100 Minutes

Complete the form below correctly before starting the test.

At the end of the test, the score report will be sent to your email

1. Jake is from the USA. ....... is a successful businessman.

2. Sheila is a secretary. She always _______ to work early in the morning.

3. The workers in the company ______ about the acquisition last week.

4. Our CEO _________ a lot of investors so far. He aspires to make the company the best of its kind.

5. I think we _________ the tender. We have the best proposal.

6. Lynn: “Do you think Bing is ________ than Google?”
Brad: “I don’t think so. Google is the most popular search engine in the world.”

7. A: “_______ please speak to the manager?”
B: “Sure! I’ll put you through to him.”
Which is better to say?

8. If Ryzen® _________ its business properly, it _______ in the future.

9. When all the shareholders ________ a board meeting yesterday, the fire alarm _______.

10. Sushi _______ from freshly caught fish and the sushi chefs ______ it with amazing skills.

11. Jade: “Do you have any ideas how _______ our customers?”
Jess: “I’m sorry about that. I’ll let you talk to the manager.”

12. _______ this product is very popular, we decided to keep displaying this for next year.

13. I arrived in _____ UK last Monday. We left Athens, flew over ____ Alps, and made a stop in Rome for several days. We went to _____ shop called La Nonna and to ____ university called Sapienza.
X= no article

14. The manager told me that we _________ all the products last year.

15. The accountant said the stock prices ___________ going up the year after.

16. When you would like to make a call using a cell phone, make sure you have enough ___________.

17. It is considered improper if you do not put a ______ as the title of your email.

18. Anita __________ from Bogor to Jakarta for work. She has to travel back and forth everyday.

19. A: “Hi, this is Ronan. Is Samantha there?”
B: “I’m afraid not. Can I _______ a message please?”

20. ________ is/are very important in a presentation to show the audience the figures, trends, and data.

21. A_______style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.

22. Meetings used to monitor task progress against an unexpected outcome are known as ________meetings.

23. The solution isn’t clear to me right now. I’ll ___ it _____ and give you the answer later.

24. Still a novelty in the 1970s, ______ limited to rich businesspeople.

25. The supervisor really wants to know the project updates, so he has asked me to ________

Question for Number 26-31


Do you start work and leave the office at the same time every day or do you work flexible hours? Do you have your own desk?

In many companies these days, employees share office space and work flexible hours. In IBM, for example, 60% of the staff 'hot-desk", or share their desks. Employees clear their desks before leaving work so they become free for other colleagues to use. In other companies, employees reserve their work space in advance for the next day. The companies say these systems are more flexible, save space and cut costs.

However, many workers find desk-sharing more stressful than traditional office organization. They prefer to have their own personal space and feel uncomfortable about sharing. A recent study claims that daily routine and office rituals help to create a happy working atmosphere. For example, some people like to drink from a favourite cup and put their name on personal office equipment. The study, by the recruitment firm Office Angels, says that some office workers are more productive with regular working hours and a personalized work space.


26. “Hot-desking” is sharing employees’ desks with their co-workers.

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27. Workers tidy up their desks to be used again for their colleagues and themselves the next day.

28. The hot-desk systems save more space and money for the employees.

29. Workers love the hot-desk systems.

30. Based on the text, a new study claims daily routines and office rituals make people happy.

31. Office Angels firm states that the productivity of the workers is based on systematic working hours and individualized working stations.

Question for number 32-37



A lot of problems can be solved simply by looking at them in a different way. Try problem reversal. Don't ask how you can sell more of your products. Ask how you could sell fewer and see where that idea takes you. Perhaps you could create a totally new market where exclusivity was more important than sales volume As marketing and communications specialist Ros Jay points out: Many companies have done well out of problem reversal Businesses like Apple Computers have looked at the market and, instead of saying: "How can we compete with all these big players?", have asked themselves: "What can we do that all these other companies aren't doing?" One of IBM's most famous advertising slogans was "Think". Apple's was "Think different


Must work always feel like work? John Quelch, Dean of the London School of Business, asks: 'How many times a day does the average five-year-old laugh? Answer: 150. How many times a day does the average 45-year-old executive laugh? Answer: five. Who is having more fun? Who is, therefore, likely to be more creative? Need we ask? At ?What If, a London-based innovation consultancy, they've worked out that most people get their best ideas away from the office, so they've made the office look like home, complete with armchairs, kitchen and even table football, ?What If is now a £3 million company whose clients include PepsiCo, ICI and British Airways, so they must be doing something right.


Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell Nordström of the Stockholm School of Economics have put forward the idea that 'as everything that ever will be invented has been invented, the only way forward is to combine what is already there'. So we get 'email', 'edu-tainment', 'TV dinners', 'distance-learning' and 'bio-tech'. Sometimes the combinations are impossible. Yamaha, for example, hasn't yet worked out a way to combine motorbikes with musical instruments -perhaps it will. But Jake Burton had more success when he gave up his job on Wall Street in 1977 to pioneer a new sport. Bringing together two quite separate things-snow and surfboards - he developed the modern snowboard. Today there are nearly four million snowboarders breaking their limbs all over the world in the name of fun!


32. Based on the text, a lot of problems can be resolved by_____

33. Ros Jay, a marketing and communications specialist, gives an example of which companies show good handling of problem reversal?

34. John Quelch compares a five-year-old kid to a 45-year-old executive to show that______

35. The following things companies can do to create a relaxing atmosphere at work, except:

36. What is the main argument of Jonas Riderstrale and Kjel Nordstrom?

37. Why is snowboarding mentioned in the text?

Question for number 38-45



Long before it is born, a baby can recognize its mother’s voice. And it is said that our sense of hearing is the last to fade before we die. As unique as our fingerprint, our voice is a key component of our personality. Indeed, the word ‘personality itself comes from the Latin ‘persona’, which literally means ‘through sound’. 



Is there anything we can do to hold their attention? There is some evidence to suggest that a low voice is preferred in both men and women. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously hired a voice coach to lower her voice. And, except in Japan, where higher female voices are preferred, it can be no coincidence that over the last 50 years, as women have risen to higher management positions in the workplace, their voices have measurably deepened – in the Netherlands, where women have achieved almost equal opportunity, especially so.



The US presidential elections in both 2008 and 2012 were classic cases of the triumph of the charismatic voice, with Barack Obama putting the art of rhetoric into the spotlight. His catchphrase 'Yes, we can' has passed into American history and he has already been described as the greatest orator of his generation. But New York professor Ekaterina Haskins has a theory about that. 'I've been going through his speeches textually,' she says. "The text alone cannot tell us why they are so powerful. It is about delivery: Philip Collins, who used to be Tony Blair's speech writer, agrees. It's 'the way he slides down some words and hits others - the intonation, the emphasis, the pauses and the silences. To become leader of the western world Obama's only visual aid was himself. The rest was voice.



It's the oldest cliché in communication training: 55% of the message is how you look, 38% is how you sound and a mere 7% is what you say. But it's wrong! The original research on which this myth is based was carried out at UCLA in the 1970s. Involving just a handful of volunteers, the experiments actually focused on how people judge others' feelings and had nothing to do with creating impact in a talk. So if your suit, slides and winning smile fail to impress, take it easy. All is not lost.

What is true is that, if your body language is saying one thing and your words another, people will believe what they see. When we're nervous or ill-prepared, our body language tends to give us away.



Of course, good visual aids do powerfully reinforce your message. In fact, according to a study by 3M, audiences shown visuals are four times more likely to remember what you said and 43% more likely to be persuaded by it.

But it depends what you show them. The typical list of bullet points, for example, can actually compete with you. At one stage, this became such a problem at Sun Microsystems that CEO Scott McNealy banned the use of PowerPoint. Images, on the other hand, are mentally processed 400,000 times faster than text and appeal to the opposite side of the brain, making them the perfect accompaniment to speech.



No-one knows this better than ex-US vice-president Al Gore. Once the invisible man of American politics, after his presidential election defeat in 2000, Gore returned to his true passion and began an environmental lecture tour that literally took the world by storm. Ditching PowerPoint for Apple Keynote, he created a set of dramatic visuals, video clips and computer simulations that caused a sensation around the world. Speaking to a thousand different audiences, in what Fast Company magazine has called 'one of the most remarkable personal turnarounds of all time, Gore went on to become the champion of the green movement, the star of the Oscar-winning movie An Inconvenient Truth and winner of the Nobel Peace prize. He readily admits that he owes it all to a slide show.


Complete the summary  below with NO MORE THAN  TWO WORDS from the text!

As infants we recognize  maternal (38)_______ as it is  a (39) ________ of our traits.  To successfully hold the  audience’s attention  (40)_______ voice is  preferred, except for the  Japanese. Barack Obama  utilized the method of (41)  ________ in his presidential  election. Ekaterina Haskins, a  New York professor, points  out that the success of  Obama’s speech is on his  voice not the (42) ________. 


38. Type Your Answer

39. Type Your Answer

40. Type Your Answer

41. Type Your Answer

42. Type Your Answer

43. Based on the text “Visual Impact”, audience believes our _________ more than looks.

44. We can infer from the text that Scott McNealy _______

45. The word “remarkable” in the last paragraph has the closest meaning to _______

Listening section for Question number 46-50

Listen to the audio and fill  out the conversation!


A: Excuse me, (46) _________  Mr Jensen? 

B: Yes, I am. (47) Are ______  _____ Nixdort? 

A: Yes, (48) _______ Saskia  Slater. Pleased to meet you. B: Nice to meet you too. A: (49) _______ _______very  tired after your flight. 

B: A little , but (50) _________  fine. 

A: Good. My car’s outside


46. Type Your Answer

47. Type Your Answer

48. Type Your Answer

49. Type Your Answer

50. Type Your Answer

Listening section for Question number 51-55

Listen to the audio and fill  out the conversation!

Traveller = T 

Leary = L 

T: I’m sorry I’m so fat.  

Name’s (51)________ Loomis

L: Macon Leary 

T: You a Baltimore man?

L: Yes. 

T: Me too. Greatest city on  Earth. One of these seats is  not really enough for me.  And the stupid thing is, I  travel for (52) _____.

I  demonstrate software to  computer stores. What do  you do, Mr Leary? 

L: I write (53) __________.

T: Is that so? What kind?

L: Well, guides for business  men – people just like you, I  guess. 

T: ‘Accidental Tourist?’ 

L : Why, yes. 

T : Really ? Am I right ? We ll,  what do you know ? Look at  this. (54) ______ – just what  you recommend,  

appropriate for all occasions.  See my luggage? Carry-on.  Change of underwear. Clean  shirt. Packet of detergent  powder.

L: oh good 

T: You’re my hero. You’ve  improved my trips a hundred  per cent. I tell my wife, going  with “The Accidental  

Tourist” is like going in (55)  ______. 

L: Well this is very nice to  hear. 

T: Times I’ve flown clear to  Oregon and hardly knew I’d  left Baltimore. 

L: Excellent 

T: I see you have your book  for protection here. Didn’t  work with me, though, did  it?


51. Type Your Answer


52. Type Your Answer

53. Type Your Answer

54. Type Your Answer

55. Type Your Answer

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