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Program Description
Lister Duolingo Test Preparation Course is ready to assist students in learning the question patterns and English test materials conducted by Duolingo. Students will be provided with sample questions and question banks, as well as intensive guidance, to ultimately be more prepared and confident in facing the Duolingo test.
Student Characteristic
This program is designed for High School students (SMA), Vocational School students (SMK), general individuals, or those on a gap year who are planning to continue their studies abroad and require a language proficiency certificate from Duolingo. The course prepares students to have a solid understanding to achieve maximum test results
Learning materials
  • Literacy
  • Comprehension
  • Conversation
  • Production
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Learning Resources in Online Duolingo Classes

Duolingo books that will be used in the classes

Alumni Stories about Lister Classes

Hundreds of students have taken Duolingo Preparation Test classes and successfully improved their score!

Bahasa Jerman Class

Puas ya, senang. Tutor Almi ngajarnya sabar, step by step, dan sesuai dengan target iap pertemuan tapi nggak terburu-buru juga jadi saya bener-bener paham di tiap materi itu. Beliau juga ceritakan pengalaman beliau yang saat ini lagi di jerman. Jadi seneng lah, termotivasi.

Dian Verawati Panjaitan
Student Lister

Bahasa Jerman Class

Kelas Lister sangat terkenal dan pilihan bahasanya banyak. Kelasnya juga sangat seru.

Gabrielle Davina
Student Lister

Bahasa Jerman Class

Sangat puas dengan cara mengajar dan materi yang diberikan oleh Lister.Saya bisa menulis dan membaca bahasa Jerman serta mengerti grammar Jerman.

Raditiyo Ramadhan
Student Lister

Benefits of Learning at Lister

Up-to-date Materials
The Duolingo test comprises four sections assessing literacy, comprehension, conversation, and sentence production. By enrolling in the Duolingo Test Preparation Course, you will receive the most relevant materials and practice questions closely resembling the actual test as they are sourced from the original test structure
Professional Tutors
Despite having simulation tests before the actual Duolingo test, the real Duolingo test is often considered more challenging than its simulations. Prepare yourself with the assistance of Lister's Professional Tutors who provide materials, explanations, practice questions, and constructive feedback for your learning progress
Free Consultation
If you have some spare time before taking the Duolingo test, consider enrolling in the Ultimate program with 60 sessions. In this class, you will receive a bonus online Scholarship/Job Interview Guidance program from the respective subject Tutor. This bonus reflects our commitment to help optimize your preparation for further studies
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Information About Duolingo Language Courses

Duolingo English Test adalah salah satu tes kecakapan bahasa Inggris untuk menilai kemampuan berbicara, mendengarkan, membaca, dan menulis. Duolingo adalah lembaga belajar dan penyelenggara tes Duolingo. Tes Duolingo ini juga sering digunakan sebagai salah satu cara untuk menilai kemampuan bahasa peserta.

Manfaat dari tes Duolingo antara lain:

  1. Menilai kemampuan bahasa: Tes Duolingo memberikan gambaran yang akurat tentang kemampuan bahasa seseorang dalam berbicara, mendengarkan, membaca, dan menulis.

  2. Memberikan sertifikasi: Tes Duolingo dapat memberikan sertifikasi kepada peserta yang berhasil melewati tes sesuai dengan level kemampuan bahasa yang diinginkan.

  3. Meningkatkan keterampilan bahasa: Selain sebagai tes, Duolingo juga dapat digunakan sebagai platform pembelajaran bahasa yang efektif untuk meningkatkan keterampilan bahasa seseorang.

Dapatkan kursus Tes Duolingo terpercaya dan terbaik hanya di

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