Yuk Belajar Contoh Soal TOEIC Reading, Anti Pusing!


Selain belajar TOEFL dan IELTS, biasanya para profesional muda sibuk belajar TOEIC test ini. Apa penyebabnya?

Sebab, dalam bahasa Inggris terdapat banyak tes yang bisa digunakan untuk mengukur kemampuan bahasa Inggris sesorang, salah satunya TOEIC Test ini. Ternyata usut punya usut, mereka membutuhkan bukti hasil tes TOEIC untuk memudahkan mereka mendapat karir impianya seperti berkarir di perusahaan besar atau multinational company.

Lalu, bagaimana caranya mendapat skor TOEIC yang tinggi?

Untuk mendapatkan nilai yang bagus di dalam test TOEIC ini sangat tergantung pada kemampuan bahasa Inggris yang kamu miliki secara keseluruhan.

Namun, jangan khawatir!

Meski kemampuan bahasa Inggris yang kamu punya belum terlalu memadai, setidaknya kamu bisa berlatih dengan menggunakan soal – soal untuk meningkatkan hasil atau score TOEIC.

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Contoh soal TOEIC Reading, Jawaban & Pembahasan

Soal TOEIC terdiri dari beberapa section test salah satunya Reading Section. Berikut ini adalah contoh soal TOEIC di bagian Reading Section yang bisa kamu pelajari!

Part V: Incomplete Sentences

Part V marks the beginning of the reading skills section. In this section you will read a sentence that has one blank spot. There will be four choices of words or phrases to choose from. You will have to choose the one that you think completes the sentence. When the sentence is complete it must be grammatically correct.

Contoh Soal 1

First you will read a sentence with a blank.

Despite having four years of experience in software programming, Mr. Jones hadn’t used a word processing program __________.
Next you will read four choices. Choose the word or phrase that best fits into the blank

A) prior

B) advanced

C) previous

D) before
Explanation 1:

  • Pilihan A adalah kata sifat. (I have a prior engagement.)
  • Pilihan B adalah kata kerja. (I advanced the money to her.)
  • Pilihan C kata sifat. (That was my previous job.)
  • Pilihan D kata keterangan. (The sentence requires an adverb.)

Contoh Soal 2

Are you setting up a small business? Worried about the costs of renting office space and employing the right people?
Rebus Virtual Office World can help you. With our Basic Office Deal, we can set up a virtual office for you practically overnight.
We will give your business a professional image and our polite, friendly staff will handle your calls and present your business in the best possible way. We can provide you with: a professional business address, a local phone number and we will also handle mail.
For a more personal approach, with the option of forwarding mail and messages to your home address, don’t hesitate to ask us about our Premier Office Deals.

1.Where is the text from?

a. A message from a business to a current client
b. An advertisement for a new business service
c. An email from one business worker to another
d. A newspaper article about a new business’s success

Jawaban: B.

Dari kalimat pertama sudah memberi gambaran dimana kita bisa menemukan tulisan semacam itu, yaitu iklan untuk bisnis layanan baru.

2  What does the service provide?blank

Off-site staff to perform general office duties
A site where several businesses can locate their offices
Advice on how to make your business more professional
Temporary staff for local businesses

Jawaban: A.

Dari kalimat kedua “We will give your business a professional image and our polite, friendly staff will handle …” terdapat kata friendly staff yang menandakan adanya pelayanan staff yang disediakan untuk membantu tugas umum.

3  Which of the following is not included in the Basic Office deal?blank

A polite receptionist
A mail-forwarding service
A professional address
A telephone-answering service

Jawaban: B.

Pada kalimat terakhir terdapat keterangan bahwa forwarding mail service termasuk ke dalam Premier Office Deal.

For a more personal approach, with the option of forwarding mail and messages to your home address, don’t hesitate to ask us about our Premier Office Deals.”

Contoh Soal TOEIC Tanpa Jawaban dan Pembahasan

In this part, there are ten texts and 40 multiple choice questions.You are going to read some reading passages, each with 2-5 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text.

Dear Helen,
I would like to congratulate you on organizing such an excellent and informative workshop. I know a lot of people learnt a great deal from it.  Can you pass on my thanks to Doctor Friedman for his fascinating talk on Staff Motivation?  I realize how lucky we were that he was able to find the time for us.  The feedback from the staff was very positive.  Let’s hope we actually see an improvement in staff motivation as a result!

By the way, I’m missing my list of addresses of the delegates who attended.  Did I happen to leave it in your office?  It’s just that I haven’t seen it since our meeting on Friday.

Thanks again for a great day,

4  What is the main objective of the message?blank

to inform
to accuse
to make a request
to praise

5  What can be implied about the workshop?blank

All the delegates were staff from the same office.
It included several talks.
It lasted one day.
Motivation was the only topic discussed.

6  What can be implied about Dr Friedman?blank

He works in the same office as Anne.
He has a very busy schedule.
He is a leading expert on staff motivation.
Anne knows him better than Helen does.

7  What has happened to the address list?blank

Anne has lost it.
Anne has found it.
Anne has sent it to Helen.
Anne has completed it.

Jika kamu masih merasa kesulitan, kamu bisa bergabung di kelas TOEIC Lister yang bisa menjadi pilihan yang perlu dipertimbangkan dulu, ya. Selamat mencoba!


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