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Feel the Ambience of Spain Country while Learning Spanish

Learn Spanish from native speaker, get the fullest knowledge and make yourself as fluent as you wish!

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Why Should Learn Spanish from Native Speaker?

For those who are interested with Spain and its cultural insights, learning Spanish from its real native speaker can be more advantageous. A native speaker already possesses a natural accent which can help you speak more naturally compare to students who learn Spain from a non native teacher. Besides the accent, you can also get numerous cultural insights during the class. Let’s make the learning process more engaging and practical, with our native teacher!

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Online Spanish Course at Lister

Course Description
Lister Spanish courses are programs specifically designed to help students learn Spanish from basic to advanced levels. This program will help students understand grammar, conversation, vocabulary, and writing in Spanish that can be applied to everyday life.
Student's Characteristics
This program is intended for anyone who wants to master Spanish by taking class from home. The lesson material presented will be easier to understand for students who are having experience and skill in Spanish, at least B2. So, if students have never studied Spanish before, students can take an introduction to Spanish from local teacher (not a native one).
Learning Materials
  • Unidad 1/ Nosotros
  • Conocer A Los Compañeros De Clase
  • Unidad 2/ Quiero
  • Aprender Espanol Decidir Qué Queremos Hacer En Este Curso De Español
  • Unidad 3/ ¿Dónde Está Santiago? Hacer Un Concurso De Conocimientos Del Mundo Hispano
  • Unidad 4 / ¿Cuál Prefieres? Hacer La Lista De Cosas Que Necesitamos Para Pasar Un Fin De Semana Fuera Y Comprar En Tiendas
  • Unidad 5/ Tus Amigos Son Mis Amigos
  • Presentar Y Describir A Una Persona
  • Unidad 6 / Día A Día
  • Conocer Los Hábitos De Nuestros Compañeros Y Dar Premios
  • Unidad 7 / ¡A Comer!
  • Crear Un Menú Del Día Y Elegir Los Platos Que Nos Gustan
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Platinum Package of Spain Language Course

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A Speak Peak to Our Teacher and Student

Hundreds of Students have been succeed in gaining confidence and flucency in Spanish! Now, it shall be yours.

Spanish Class

Taking the Spanish class with a native speaker was a game-changer for me! My instructor brought the language to life with their authentic pronunciation and cultural insights. The personalized feedback I received not only improved my speaking skills but also boosted my confidence. I now feel more comfortable engaging in conversations, and I've gained a deeper appreciation for the richness of the Spanish language. ¡Gracias for making learning Spanish such an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Sarah T.
Student Lister

Spanish Class

I've tried various language classes before, but learning Spanish from a native speaker truly made a difference. The instructor's passion for the language and their ability to seamlessly integrate cultural nuances into the lessons added a unique dimension to my learning journey. The conversational practice was invaluable, and I appreciated the immediate feedback on my pronunciation. This class not only enhanced my language skills but also sparked my interest in exploring the vibrant Spanish-speaking world. ¡Recomendaría esta clase a todos! (I would recommend this class to everyone!)

Cassandra S.
Student Lister

Spanish Class

Learning Spanish from a native speaker was an eye-opening experience. The class was not just about grammar and vocabulary; it was a cultural immersion. My instructor's real-life anecdotes and insights into Spanish traditions added depth to the lessons. The flexibility of the class schedule allowed me to balance learning with my busy lifestyle. I now feel more comfortable navigating Spanish conversations, and the class has ignited a newfound love for the language and its diverse expressions.

Carlos Satrio P.
Student Lister

Benefits of Taking a Native Speaker Spanish Class

Get an authentic accent and pronunciation
Learning Spanish from native speakers will expose you to the native accents and pronunciations used in Spain. With this authentic accent, your Spanish skills will be much better and more fluent than those who don't study Spanish with native speakers.
Have a good knowledge of Spanish culture
Apart from providing material about languages, native tutors will also provide you with background knowledge that is relevant to your learning needs. At the same time, you can also learn about ethics and manners in the context of communication in the Spanish environment
Learn Spanish more quickly
You can easily get various contexts for using Spanish. Therefore, learning Spanish with a native speaker will make you practice quickly and become proficient quickly.
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Our Professional Spanish Teacher

We provide best native speakers to foster your skills dan confidence.

María Rodríguez

Dr. Isabel López

Andrea García

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Information about Spanish Course

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