Daftar Kata Formal dalam Menulis Academic Writing, Penting!

Untuk sebagian besar siswa, menulis esai tidak selalu mudah, bahkan kerapkali menantang. Untuk mampu menulis di tingkat akademik membutuhkan keterampilan yang memakan waktu bertahun-tahun untuk dikuasai – padahal jika memiliki keinginan melanjutkan studi hingga ke jenjang universitas, kemampuan ini sangat penting dimiliki lho.

Terutama untuk sukses di perkuliahan luar negeri, dimana banyak tugas esai dalam bahasa Inggris akan diberikan. Namun, tak perlu khawatir, simak saja referensi daftar kata untuk menulis academic writing dalam bahasa Inggris di bawah ini!

Daftar Kata Untuk Menulis Academic Writing

Menurut laman www.oxbridgeessays.com, di bawah ini referensi kata hubung yang biasa digunakan untuk membuat academic writing dalam bahasa Inggris yang berkualitas.

1. For instance; to give an illustration of; to exemplify; to demonstrate; as evidence; to elucidate

‘High involvement shopping’, an experiential process described by Wu et al. (2015, p. 299) relies upon the development of an identity-based alliance between the customer and the brand. Celebrity status at Prada, for example, has created an alliance between the brand and a new generation of millennial customers.

2. In view of; in light of; considering

Contoh penggunaan pada teks academic writing:

“The result of the American invasion has severely impaired American interests in the Middle East, exponentially increasing popular hostility to the United States throughout the region, a factor which has proved to be a powerful recruitment tool for extremist terrorist groups (Isakhan, 2015). Considering [or In light of / In view of] the perceived resulting threat to American interests, it could be argued that the Bush administration failed to fully consider the impact of their actions before pushing forward with the war.”

3. According to X; X stated that; referring to the views of X

Dalam menulis academic writing, sebaiknya kita tidak menggunakan a direct quote, seperti di bawah ini:

“A theory can be proved by experiment, but no path leads from experiment to the birth of a theory.” {Albert Einstein, 1954, Einstein: A Biography}.

Tapi gunakan kalimat yang kamu susun sendiri berdasarkan kutipan tersebut.

As Einstein often reiterated, experiments can prove theories, but experiments don’t give birth to theories.

4. Moreover; furthermore; in addition; what’s more

Contoh penggunaan dengan beberapa kata hubung formal seperti:

The dissociation of tau protein from microtubules destabilises the latter resulting in changes to cell structure, and neuronal transport. Moreover, mitochondrial dysfunction leads to further oxidative stress causing increased levels of nitrous oxide, hydrogen peroxide and lipid peroxidases.”

5. In order to; to that end; to this end

My research entailed hours of listening and recording the sound of whales in order to understand how they communicate.

Dutch tech companies offer support in the fight against the virus. To this end, an online meeting took place on Wednesday…

6. In other words; to put it another way; that is; to put it more simply

A null hypothesis is a statement that there is no relationship between phenomena. In other words, there is no treatment effect.

Nothing could come to be in this pre-world time, “because no part of such a time possesses, as compared with any other, a distinguishing condition of existence rather than non-existence.” That is, nothing exists in this pre-world time, and so there can be nothing that causes the world to come into existence.

7. Similarly; likewise; another key fact to remember; as well as; an equally significant aspect of

In 1996, then-transport minister Steve Norris enthused about quadrupling cycling trips by 2012. Similarly, former prime minister David Cameron promised a “cycling revolution” in 2013…

Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) aims to bridge the gap of access to electricity across the continent (…). Another key fact to remember is that it must expand cost-efficient access to electricity to nearly 1 billion people.

8. Conversely; however; alternatively; on the contrary; on the other hand; whereas

89% of respondents living in joint families reported feeling financially secure. Conversely, only 64% of those who lived in nuclear families said they felt financially secure.

The first protagonist has a social role to fill in being a father to those around him, whereas the second protagonist relies on the security and knowledge offered to him by Chaplin.

9. By contrast; in comparison; then again; that said; yet

All the tests were positive. That said, we must also consider the fact that some of them had inconclusive results.

10. Despite this; provided that; nonetheless

Despite the criticism received by X, the popularity of X remains undiminished.


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