5 Contoh Teks Bahasa Inggris untuk Belajar Speaking

Teks Bahasa Inggris untuk Belajar Speaking

Kursus Speaking Local – Belajar speaking sebagai pemula sangat penting, karena kemampuan berbicara sangat krusial digunakan dalam berkomunikasi. Untuk belajar speaking, kamu juga tidak perlu memulai dari hal-hal yang sulit.

Mulailah dari membaca teks bahasa Inggris untuk belajar speaking yang sederhana dan digunakan sehari-hari seperti contoh teks di bawah ini. 

Contoh Teks Bahasa Inggris untuk Belajar Speaking 

Teks Percakapan (Level A1)

Rich: Hi, my name’s Rich. What’s your name?

Peter: How do you do? My name’s Peter. 

Rich: Nice to meet you. I’m from the United States and I live in San Diego in California. Where are you from?

Peter: I’m from Cologne, Germany. What’s your job?

Rich: I’m a teacher and I work online every day. What do you do?

Peter: That’s interesting. I’m a bank teller. What do you like doing in your free time?

Rich: I like playing golf and tennis in my free time. How about you?

Peter: I enjoy reading and hiking on the weekends. What are you doing now?

Rich: At the moment, I’m working on my website. What are you doing right now?

Peter: I’m having a conversation with you! Why are you tired?

Rich: I’m tired today because I got up early. I usually get up at six o’clock. When do you usually get up?

Peter: I usually get up at six. At the moment, I’m learning English at an English school in town.

Rich: I think it’s great you’re learning English. How often do you study English?

Peter: I go to classes every day.

Rich: Did you study English yesterday?

Peter: Yes, I studied English yesterday morning. 

Rich: How about tomorrow? Are you going to study English tomorrow?

Peter: Of course I’m going to study English tomorrow! But I do other things!

Rich: OK, I know that studying English isn’t the most important thing in the world! What else are you going to do this week?

Peter: I’m going to visit some friends and we’re going to have a barbecue. What are you going to do?

Rich: I’m going to attend a concert on Saturday. Do you have any special plans?

Peter: No, I’m going to relax. What did you do last weekend?

Rich: Last weekend, I went to visit my friends in San Francisco. What did you do?

Peter: I played soccer with some friends. 

Rich: How often do you do that?

Peter: We play soccer every weekend. 

Rich: When is the next time you are going to do that?

Peter: We’re going to play next Sunday.

Rich: Thank you for talking to me. Have a nice day!

Peter: Thank you! Have a good one!

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Teks Deskripsi (Level A1)

My Wonderful Family

I live in a house near the mountains. I have two brothers and one sister, and I was born last. My father teaches mathematics, and my mother is a nurse at a big hospital. My brothers are very smart and work hard in school. My sister is a nervous girl, but she is very kind. My grandmother also lives with us. She came from Italy when I was two years old. She has grown old, but she is still very strong. She cooks the best food!

My family is very important to me. We do lots of things together. My brothers and I like to go on long walks in the mountains. My sister likes to cook with my grandmother. On the weekends we all play board games together. We laugh and always have a good time. I love my family very much.

Teks Deskripsi (Level A2)

A great summer vacation

I just returned from the greatest summer vacation! It was so fantastic, I never wanted it to end. I spent eight days in Paris, France. My best friends, Henry and Steve, went with me. We had a beautiful hotel room in the Latin Quarter, and it wasn’t even expensive. We had a balcony with a wonderful view.

We visited many famous tourist places. My favorite was the Louvre, a well-known museum. I was always interested in art, so that was a special treat for me. The museum is so huge, you could spend weeks there. Henry got tired walking around the museum and said “Enough! I need to take a break and rest.”

We took lots of breaks and sat in cafes along the river Seine. The French food we ate was delicious. The wines were tasty, too. Steve’s favorite part of the vacation was the hotel breakfast. He said he would be happy if he could eat croissants like those forever. We had so much fun that we’re already talking about our next vacation!

Teks Deskripsi (Level B1)


Keith recently came back from a trip to Chicago, Illinois. This midwestern metropolis is found along the shore of Lake Michigan. During his visit, Keith spent a lot of time exploring the city to visit important landmarks and monuments.

Keith loves baseball, and he made sure to take a visit to Wrigley Field. Not only did he take a tour of this spectacular stadium, but he also got to watch a Chicago Cubs game. In the stadium, Keith and the other fans cheered for the Cubs. Keith was happy that the Cubs won with a score of 5-4.

Chicago has many historic places to visit. Keith found the Chicago Water Tower impressive as it is one of the few remaining landmarks to have survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Keith also took a walk through Jackson Park, a great outdoor space that hosted the World’s Fair of 1892. The park is great for a leisurely stroll, and it still features some of the original architecture and replicas of monuments that were featured in the World’s Fair.

During the last part of his visit, Keith managed to climb the stairs inside of the Willis Tower, a 110-story skyscraper. Despite the challenge of climbing the many flights of stairs, Keith felt that reaching the top was worth the effort. From the rooftop, Keith received a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline with Lake Michigan in the background.

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Teks Deskripsi (Level A1)

My morning routine

My name is Bob. Each day I drive my kids to school. My daughter goes to a school that’s far from our house. It takes 30 minutes to get there. Then I drive my son to his school. It’s close to my job. My daughter is in the sixth grade and my son is in the second. They are both good students. My daughter usually sings her favorite songs while I drive. My son usually sleeps.

I arrive at the office at 8:30 AM. I say good morning to all my workmates then I get a big cup of hot coffee. I turn on my computer and read my email. Some days I have a lot to read. Soon I need another cup of coffee.

Kursus Speaking Local, Asah Kemampuan Berbicara Cas Cis Cus

Bahasa Inggris adalah bahasa internasional yang menjadi kebutuhan pokok sehari-hari di masa kini. Pastikan kamu sudah mempersiapkan diri dengan mengikuti Kursus Speaking di Lister.

Di sini kamu akan belajar bersama tutor-tutor ahli dan berpengalaman. Cari tahu kisah dan pengalaman mereka di sini.

Kamu dapat memilih jumlah kelas sendiri, bahkan tutor dan kelas pengganti. Selain itu, dapatkan Garansi Skor untuk kelas tertentu.

Gunakan kode promo BLOGLISTER10 untuk mendapatkan diskon 10 persen, minimal pembelian kelas seharga satu jutaan (maksimal diskon Rp500 ribu). Daftar sekarang!


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