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German language is now widely learnt among people around the world.

They find it beneficial including supporting their careers, helping them while traveling, increasing their capacity, as well as developing their hobbies. Now, you can experience German language courses from wherever you are easily, worldwide, with a certified online tutors and flexible schedules. Further, you can start learning at any levels according to your needs.

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Learn German Online at Home with Lister

Course Description
Lister German courses is specifically designed to help students learn German from basic to advanced. This program will help students understand grammar, conversation, vocabulary and writing in German which can be applied to their everyday life.
Students' Characteristics
This program is intended for anyone who wants to master German from scratch. The lesson material presented will be easier to understand for students who are just starting to learn German. So, if students have never studied German before, students can quickly master it and be able to apply it in all situations.
Learning Materials
  • Lektion 1: begrüßung und verabschiedung
  • Lektion 2: vórstellen
  • Lektion 3: Ein Telefongespräch
  • Lektion 4: Das wetter
  • Lektion 5: Die Familie
  • Lektion 6: Im Restaurant
  • Lektion 7: lebensmitteleinkauf
  • Lektion 8: Im Hotel
  • Lektion 9: Den Bahnhof
  • Lektion 10: Geschenk Einkauf
  • Lektion 11: Die post
  • Lektion 12: Am Flughafen
  • Lektion 13: ahrt auf der autobahn
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Platinum Package of German Course

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A Speak Peak to Our Teacher and Student

Hundreds of Students have been succeed in gaining confidence and flucency in Spanish! Now, it shall be yours.

German Class

Learning German at Lister has been an enriching experience. The well-structured curriculum and interactive classes made the journey enjoyable. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the language and culture, creating a vibrant learning environment. The support provided for class was invaluable, and I successfully achieved the language proficiency I needed for my academic pursuits. Thank you, Lister, for making language learning such a fulfilling adventure!

Sarah Thompson
Student Lister

German Class

I cannot express how grateful I am for choosing Lister for my German Class. The course materials were comprehensive, and the instructors were incredibly supportive. The mock exams accurately mirrored the actual test conditions, giving me the confidence I needed on test day. I successfully passed the German Goethe exam and owe much of my success to Lister's thorough and effective preparation program.

Alex Chong
Student Lister

German Class

As a language enthusiast, I've explored various platforms, and Lister stands out for its exceptional German course. The comprehensive study materials, mock exams, and dedicated instructors made the learning process efficient and effective. The course not only prepared me for the exam but also enhanced my overall German language skills. The bonus of E-learning videos and additional resources added great value. Choosing Lister was undoubtedly one of the best decisions for my language learning journey.

Michelle Andreas
Student Lister

Benefits of Taking a German Class with English Instruction

Clear Explanation and Easy Communication
Learning German with English instruction gives you clear explanations of grammar rules, vocabulary, and language structures. English can serve as a bridge for understanding complex concepts for foreign learners.
Faster Comprehension
Learners can grasp German concepts more quickly when explanations are provided in their English language. This can lead to faster their progress in learning the language.
Each student has privilege to schedule their own class at any possible times. This will help them adjusting their activities while keep learning German Online with Professional Teachers.
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Our Professional German Teacher

We provide best Language Tutors to foster your skills dan confidence.

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More Information about German Language and Course

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