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What You Need to Know about Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is now widely studied. By its huge population, Indonesia becomes one of your potential target market industry. You will be easily engage with your Indonesian customers when you can speak well their language. Other than that, with abundance of its natural and cultural beauty, Indonesia shall be included on your next trip destination list. 

If you have obstacle in terms of mastering Bahasa Indonesia, Lister is your rightest choice!

You will be easily learn Bahasa Indonesia with Lister!

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The participants will be trained to have the real conversation in Bahasa Indonesia

Vocabularies and Grammar

Just like English and any other languages, Bahasa Indonesia also has its own structure and vocabularies. Learn with us and master the everyday, academic, business, tourism and other useful Indonesian vocabularies!

Intensive Practices
Joining this course means preparing yourself to communicate directly with the local Indonesians, therefore, we give you opportunity to practice it first with our native Indonesian tutor.

Customize Your Own Needs
You can always customize your language mastery need with Lister. Whatever your purposes, Lister will help you to accomplish them!

Why Lister?

Total Flexibility

Lister is an online, easy and fun learning platform that you can get whenever you are, according to your availability and ability.


Lister uses face to face technology that brings a maximum learning quality as if in the real class as it supervised by the professional, fun, and friendly tutors.

Professional Tutors

Lister's tutors are all experienced in teaching. Their teaching styles in delivering the materials are totally interesting and engaging so that you can understand the materials easily and joyfully.

Our Corporate Client

dan lainnya.
(Lister melayani training bahasa asing untuk karyawan perusahaan & Lembaga)

Language is the Key of Knowledge

If your want to derive certain knowledge and values, firstly you need to master the language. The more language you master, the more knowledge you can get. Indonesia is one of the most populated country in the world. There are hundreds of local culture and wisdom you can enjoy by mastering Bahasa Indonesia. Its friendly people will greet you warmly when you can greet them in their language. Moreover, by its fast economic development, there is a higher chance to maximize your business with them. Considering this importance, Lister realizes this and committed to provide you an online Bahasa Indonesia Course with one for one concept that will make your learning process more effective and well directed.


Ask 1-4 of your friends to learn Bahasa Indonesia at Lister.
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Best Investation to Master Bahasa Indonesia
Regular Course (Recommended Program)

to learn Bahasa Indonesia in depth

Bahasa Indonesia

Private Class

Rp 7.600.000

Rp 3.799.000

Bahasa Indonesia Intensive

Private Class

Rp 10.000.000

Rp 4.999.000

Bahasa Indonesia

Private Class

Rp 12.000.000

Rp 5.999.000

Ultimate Bronze

Private Class

+ Free Scholarship Mentoring/Job Interview

Rp 14.000.000

Rp 6.999.000


Private Class

+ Free Scholarship Mentoring/Job Interview

Rp 16.000.000

Rp 7.999.000


Private Class

+ Free Scholarship Mentoring/Job Interview

Rp 18.000.000

Rp 8.999.000

Best Investation to Master Bahasa Indonesia
Short Course

to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for a Short Time  


Short 1

Private Class

Rp 1.400.000

Rp 699.000

Short 2

Private Class

Rp 2.000.000

Rp 999.000

Indonesia Short 3

Private Class

Rp 2.600.000

Rp 1.299.000

Bahasa Indonesia

Private Class

Rp 3.600.000

Rp 1.799.000

Bahasa Indonesia

Private Class

Rp 4.400.000

Rp 2.199.000

Bahasa Indonesia

Private Class

Rp 5.200.000

Rp 2.599.000

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